ISBN: 978-966-02-9999-3 (online)
DOI: 10.37068/b/9789660299993

Chapter 1

They contributed to world civilization

Михайло Остроградський
Енді Варгол
Микола Пирогов
Олексaндp Смакула
Джордж Ґамов
Олександр Неприцький-Грановський
Миколa Андрусов
Микола Миклухо-Маклай
Володимир Хавкін
Нік Голоняк
Георгій Шарпак
Шмуель Йосеф Агнон

This online encyclopedia describes and systematizes in a reference format the most prominent Ukrainians who contributed in culture, science, technology, and armed forces. Their activities in the context of the world historical process highlighted, the European vector of Ukraine's development emphasized as a historically natural choice of the Ukrainian people. The chapter 1 is devoted to world-famous personalities whose results have benefited or are still benefiting humanity.

The number of articles in the chapter: 129

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