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Famous figures by Ukrainian origin in world civilization: online encyclopediaя

Dedicated to Ukrainians who have enriched the human mental culture and materialistic civilization with their talent, work, and actions.

About the online-encyclopedia

Currently, the world is focusing on Ukraine, but unfortunately, the attention is due to the ongoing conflict in which Russia is aggressively waging war, resulting in the loss of lives, destruction of cities and villages, and the violation of human rights. Ukrainians are resolutely defending their land and their right to an independent life, while also upholding the universal values of the modern world. This Russian full-scale invasion has highlighted the belonging of the Ukrainian people to the Euro-Atlantic community, although "Ukraine has always been conscious of its European history and identity", as emphasized by Yuri Shevelov ...

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They contributed to world civilization

Микола Барабашов
Отто Струве
Володимир Симиренко
Олександр Карпека
Володимир Векслер
Ігор Богачевський
В’ячеслав Жардецький
Модест Менцинський
Олександр Морозов
Василь Ремесло
Опанас Фірсов
Майя Дерен

Devoted to world-famous personalities whose results have benefited or are still benefiting humanityяни



They defend modern civilizationацію

Павло Федосенко
Дмитро Коцюбайло
Євгеній Громадський
Олександр Корпан
Микола Цюрик
Андрій Круглов
Віктор Головко
Валерій Гудзь
Олександр Трепак
Василь Сліпак
Костянтин Мрочко
Андрій Хоменко

Devoted to the heroes who protect Ukraine from the military aggression of the RF, defending the modern world orderсвіту