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1. General

1.1. This website is the digital form of the online encyclopedia "Famous figures by Ukrainian origin in world civilization" (referred to as the WEBSITE), containing encyclopedia articles of biographical category (referred to as the ARTICLES).

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1.4. The PUBLISHER created and published the WEBSITE on the internet as a result of its R&D efforts under the program-target and competitive themes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine titled "Support for priority scientific research and scientific and technical (experimental) developments of the Department of History, Philosophy and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for 2022".

2. Publisher and Authors' Rights

2.1. The PUBLISHER has exclusive rights to the WEBSITE and the information published on it as a whole.

2.2. The authors of the ARTICLES retain exclusive rights to use their works.

Users' Rights

3.1. Anyone can read, download, and copy the ARTICLES published on the WEBSITE for non-commercial use.

3.2. Anyone can borrow and distribute (publish elsewhere) the information available on the WEBSITE without the consent of the copyright owners by quoting it in the form of excerpts, justified by the purpose, and indicating the source of borrowing (each ARTICLE contains a recommended bibliographic description for reference during citation).

3.3. No one can borrow, modify, license, disseminate (publish elsewhere), create derivative works, sell, or otherwise use the available ARTICLES in full or to a greater extent than determined in clause 3.2, except for the copyright owners and persons to whom the copyright owners have granted appropriate rights.